Workshop 3/27/10: Unusual Little Pincushions!

Presenter: Dorothy Yuki
When: Saturday February 27th , 1pm – 4pm
Cost: $15.00

If you sew, know someone who sews, or are a teacher doing sewing projects with your students, then this workshop is for you! During this workshop you will be using recycled pill bottles, felt, embroidery materials and filler to create up to three pincushions. You will learn basic embroidery stitches and how to put together a traveling sewing kit, bottle top pincushion and an offset pincushion. The pincushion will be made from various recycled materials. The finished product is pretty, useful and environmentally friendly. These pincushions, make great gifts, are useful and will inspire your creativity for other projects. In addition to the pincushions, you will also leave with a handout of embroidery stitches, a source list and stuff to put into the traveling sewing kit.

About Dorothy

Dorothy has been a design and production consultant for the fashion industry and has also done graphics. Some of her work includes the PCBA logo, Sierra Gorda Biosphere logo and many private customer’s logos. In addition to this she has also worked on exterior and interior building projects, design for the entertainment industry and private label work. She created these pincushions and sewing kits because she needed one and couldn’t find one that was as pretty as it was useful, so, being a resourceful designer, she made one of her own!

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