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Michael Bongiorni, President; Joel Puliatti, Vice President; Cathy Hwang, Treasurer
Tanisha Arata, Diego Castellani, Kathryn Hyde, Ken Jones, Ryah Lindemuth, Katherine Looper; Members of the Board
Advisors to the Board ~ Paul Fresina, Dianne Platner, Jack Gold

Anne Marie Theilen, Founder, visionary, muse, advisor
KQED 2011 Women’s History Hero, 2011 Jefferson Award for Public Service

Ruth Asawa (January 24, 1926 – August 5, 2013), President Emeritus
Ruth Asawa, a Bay Area artist, was nationally recognized for her wire sculpture, public commissions, and her activism in education and the arts.

Ben Delaney Executive Director
Cynthia Foss Development, Communications and Outreach Manager
Jake Ceniceros, Kristen Newsham  Warehouse Managers

Terrill Cain, Erin Feller, Antonio Flood, Robert Haemmerling, Monica Hoskins, Margarita Lopez, Ronella Monlin, Jahaira Morales, Lisa Ryan Creative Reuse Specialists
T.J. Grounds Manager

Dorian Hawkey Hauler
Ellen Burns, Jane Schafgans Fieldtrips and Community Event Artists

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Foote, Tae, Nancy, Jennifer, Mary, Sheryl, Judy, Richard, Harold, Bruce, Tuan, Obed, Artel, Melodie

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  1. Posted November 5, 2015 at 6:00 PM | Permalink

    As the Executive Director of SCRAP, I take your feedback seriously and consider your experience unacceptable.

    Unfortunately, Anne Marie, our founder, who currently works two days a week as a volunteer, has her own ideas on how things should be. I talk regularly with her about this, and will add your message to her file as well as bringing it to her attention.

    I’m sure you can understand how difficult is is to deal with this situation. Like a grumpy grandma, Anne Marie adds a lot of value, while at times being extremely irritating.

    Please accept my apology. I hope you will return to SCRAP on days other than Friday or Saturday, When Anne Marie works. And please be assured that i will speak with her about this and make every attempt to get her attitude improved.

    Best regards,

    Ben Delaney

  2. Blah@p.com
    Posted October 2, 2015 at 8:46 PM | Permalink

    I have to share an unpleasant experience that occurred today at scraps.

    If there are financial difficulties, there are ways community folks could help. I can think of
    Multiple ways. Prior to this experience, I would have offered to do a fundraiser (I throw a party every month that has made over $25,000 for local organizations).

    So…You have a sign stating pricing for paper, rolls and posters. It clearly stated rolls fall in different ranges according to sizing and type.

    I attempted to buy a small Melissa and Doug roll of paper. The original
    pricing stated 5.99. The individual at the counter, who identified herself as a founder, attempted to charge me $4.00 even though the sign said $.25 to $2.00. I raised the matter of the sign. She said she was going to take that down. I state this was a fair inquiry to make.

    Just prior to this, I had asked her pricing on other items including toys which she labeled a bag for $4 and $3 respectively. I had asked about the sign at the toy station that said filling a coffee bag for $2.00. She dismissed that the sign existed and said this is more than a coffee bag. I am not challenging the pricing, but her attitude. I decided to put back the items.

    She initially followed me and ask if I needed to leave my basket at the front as I began to put away other items. As a woman of color, I have to say this made me very uncomfortable.

    Returning to the check out, she asked if I was ready. I said yes. She made comments about how I should check other stores for pricing and in general I felt pretty belittled. She said I annoyed her. I stated I was not going to make any purchases and that this interaction was not pleasant. I spoke briefly to the workers in the back area to share my concerns and left.

    First, if the signs are no longer correct, take them down. It’s creating confusion.

    Secondly, it should be an expectation that customers are going to ask about pricing given the set up. This should not lead to confrontation or belittling.

    Thirdly, your employee and founder would benefit from sensitivity training. I can’t help but think if I was a middle aged white female, I would have been treated differently.

    Ive come here for years, mostly buying craft projects for the youth I’ve worked with (formerly with sfusd) as you know, at my expense. I value what your are doing and why you exist.

    While this was my first unpleasant experience ever, I do not intend to come back.I hope you can consider my feedback.


    Shaken customer
    1pm, Friday Oct 2, 2015

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