Artist Book of Collage w/ Dorit Elisha

June 19, 2010  fee: $20

This workshop is an optional second part to Dorit’s first workshop Mixed-Media Printmaking and can be used as a follow-up workshop or as a single session. If you attend the workshop with Dorit on Saturday June 12th, you’ll be able to bring the prints you make in that class to use in this workshop. Participants will use printed, painted, and assorted blank papers as well as photos, ephemera, yarn, fiber, and fasteners to create a one of a kind mixed media artist book. You will learn some collage and book making skills and leave with a funky and colorful book collaged with your own images, prints, and scraps.

About Dorit Elisha

Dorit is a mixed media artist and an art instructor and author of Printmaking + Mixed Media: Simple Techniques and Projects for Paper and Fabric. She enjoys using mostly recycled materials in her art. She works with paper, fabric, and found objects and her art includes printmaking, collage, book making and fiber art. Dorit says “SCRAP and any place that offers such a big variety of recycled materials is my main source of art supply. You can always expect to find surprising and unusual objects there and that’s what inspires my art.”


Ben Delaney
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