Creative Reuse Workshops

SCRAP workshops are presented by our partner, Green Art Workshop. Our instructors are independent artists and teachers who use SCRAP materials. Workshop participants are encouraged to consider their personal consumption and to be inspired by creating art that reflects a commitment to environmentally sustainable behavior. Workshop and class participants all:

  • Explore the creative potential of non-traditional re-usable materials.
  • Express themself through eco-conscious art projects.
  • Learn how to make environmentally sustainable choices as an artist and citizen.

SCRAP and Green Art Workshop present scheduled creative reuse workshops for the community. Our creative reuse Workshops for Educators (WE SCRAP) provide a practical framework for teachers to experience and apply the tangible benefits of creative reuse in the classroom. Teachers are eligible to receive professional development credit for all SCRAP workshops.

We offer workshops and classes in our classroom at SCRAP, or at your choice of sites. All workshops stress the importance of re-use and recycling and use materials from SCRAP’s vast inventory of exciting supplies and materials.

We are offering a new series of workshops and classes this Fall. We also offer school field trips to SCRAP, which can include a workshop or class.

Click here for more information on workshops and field trips.


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