SCRAP only exists thanks to your support

In 1976, SCRAP’s founder, Anne Marie Theilen recognized a great need. Teachers in San Francisco classrooms lacked vital supplies. Even today, more than 40 years later, this need still exists.

SCRAP provides more than $100,000 of classroom supplies to teachers, at no charge,  every year. These supplies enable teachers to reduce the their out-of-pocket expenses, and enable their students to have a better learning environment.

That’s not the only environment SCRAP helps to improve.

Every year, SCRAP diverts as much as 250 tons of materials from landfill. that is equal to the weight of 25 school buses. By diverting and reusing that material, we reduce air pollution from garbage trucks, limit the need to use our ever-shrinking resources of virgin materials, and save on the huge amounts of energy needed to manufacture and ship new goods.25 School busses

We offer many free educational programs, including field trips, teacher trainings, ands support for other community organizations.

In addition, Scrap provides free and low-cost supplies to thousands of artists, enabling them to continue to produce their work in the ever more expensive Bay Area. Without this art, all of us would have a less rich cultural environment.

SCRAP also helps developmentally-challenged youth obtain useful skills. This training leads these youth to greater independence, better lives, and less reliance on social programs as the grow older. We also provide dozens of field trips to low-income public school kids every year.

And the jobs created by SCRAP in the economically-disadvantaged Bayview District help our hard-working SCRAPPERS put food on their tables and clothe their children.

We tell you this because we need your help to keep it all going. SCRAP earns about two-thirds of it’s budget through Depot sales and other earned income. But we need help with that other third. We get about 10% of our budget from grants. The last bit comes from businesses and individual, like you.

How you help

So, please help us keep going. Your financial gift is most likely tax-deductible, and will help us leverage the restricted money we get from grants. We have several ways you can make your gift, and make a difference to SCRAP.

  1. Donate securely online through PayPal by clicking the button below. And if you can, please make your donation recurring. Your monthly gift will help us budget better and will provide us with the steady revenue we need. Of course, you can stop your recurring donation at any time.

  2. Sign up with Amazon Smile (, and select SCRAP as your charity of choice. Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase value to SCRAP, at no cost to you.
  3. Donate appreciated stock. This is a great way to leverage the value of your stock, and avoid capital gains taxes. You may be able to deduct the full, appreciated value of your stock as a charitable donation. Call 415 647-1746 or email to talk about donating stock.
  4. Consider SCRAP in your estate planning. SCRAP will greatly appreciate your gift of property, securities or cash, and, if desired, will memorialize your gift on our donor recognition wall.

SCRAP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our TIN is 94-2566798. check with your tax consultant, but your donations to SCRAP are most likely tax deductible.

Regardless of how you support SCRAP, we are extremely grateful for your support. Thank you from the entire SCRAP team!