SCRAP accepts donations of clean, reusable materials Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Save on disposal costs, contribute to the community, and help SCRAP divert over 250 tons of materials “too good to throw away” from landfills every year. Because of your donations, SCRAP is able to supply useful materials to school teachers, nonprofits, parents, artists and others.

Click below for a detailed list of items SCRAP accepts.

Examples of materials SCRAP accepts are:
• Art supplies (markers, paints, brushes, stamps, canvas, papers)
• Paper (leftover letterhead, trimmed edges, mat board, foam core)
• Textiles (fabric, yarn, samples, millends, patterns)
• Signage and promotional items (used banners, foam core, flags, products)
• Buttons, beads, wire and notions
• Natural materials (feathers, pinecones, candles, wax)
• Architectural & interior samples (NO samples glued into books)
• Teaching materials and toys (No text books – contact
• Surplus, off-cuts, defects, remnants from manufacturing

Due to space constraints, at times we may not be able to take certain items even though they appear on the list. Please call ahead if you have any questions regarding your donation. SCRAP reserves the right to refuse donations even if they have been approved unseen via the phone or email. If we can’t take your donation we will do our best to refer to you to a source that can.

Donate right now through Paypal by clicking above. You can also donate by visiting Amazon Smile and designating SCRAP as your preferred charity. And of course, we welcome you in person at SCRAP (801 Toland St., enter on Newcomb) or by mailing a check to: 834 Toland St, San Francisco, CA 94124

Your shopping can help SCRAP. thank you!






Your tax-deductible donations support our great programs:

  • Low-cost creative reuse workshops
  • School field trips
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Free community outreach and educational events
  • Workforce development programs for developmentally disabled persons

Your support is vital to help SCRAP build and sustain our role in the community. Donations are tax-deductible. Thank YOU for your support!

Your donation of clean, organized reusable materials is greatly appreciated.
For donations of 8 boxes or more, you can schedule a pick-up.

Some past donors include:

• Clothing designers
• Manufacturers
• Interior design firms
• Architecture firms
• Hotels and Event planners
• Printers and Publishers
• Frame shops
• Upholsterers
• Artists and teachers
• Science labs
• Schools
• Advertising agencies
• Churches
• Museums and Theaters
• Offices – organize a collection drive at your office!

Cleaning out your closets, workspace, or kids rooms? Just threw a party? Accumulating too many projects that you’ll get around to someday? SCRAP can take those leftover materials that seem “too good to throw away,” but that you no longer need.

Do you have remnants, damaged items, mill-ends, blanks or off-cuts that might be re-purposed? Holding on to outdated letterhead, display, packaging, signage, or promotional items? Cleaning out your warehouse or material library? Save money on disposal costs and get a tax-deduction for your material donations. SCRAP can take clean and usable materials that might otherwise be thrown-away.

Want to spread the ethos of REUSE at your office? Organize a SCRAP drive at your office. SCRAP can provide signage, messaging, and free pick-up. Contact Cynthia Foss at

How to donate materials:

  1. Check the detailed list of items we accept. Because of space constraints, we cannot always accept all items. SCRAP reserves the right to refuse donations even if they have been approved unseen via the phone or email. Call us at (415) 647-1746 or email us at for more information. Donations are accepted 10 AM to 4 PM Tuesday through Saturday.
  2. Organize your materials. SCRAP cannot accept dirty or moldy materials. Our staff spends a lot of time sorting – we greatly appreciate labeled and neatly packed boxes.
  3. SCRAP can pick up donations of 6 boxes or more by appointment. There is a charge of $15 for individuals, $50 for businesses, for this service. We request payment by credit card when you schedule the pick up or by check when we pick up your donation.
    To arrange for a pick-up you must call SCRAP at (415)647-1746 during business hours (M-Sat 9:00 PM – 5:00 PM) and speak to our staff. You may also bring your donations in person to SCRAP Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. If you have any questions regarding your donation you can fill out the form below or give us a call.
  4. Please be sure your donation is clean, boxed, and easily accessible. Our drivers are unable to move large items and are not permitted to clean up or organize donations that are not ready when they arrive.

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Company Name (if applicable):
Phone number:
City and Zip:
Materials you wish to donate. Please be as detailed as possible and include quantity:
SCRAP donations question:
For your security please enter the sequence
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