SCRAP needs YOU to provide a Class or Workshop!

SCRAP is always looking for people to teach workshops and classes. If you enjoy working with children or adults, and can successfully and patiently teach them how to make fun, creative projects with reclaimed materials, we may have a place for you.

Classes can take place during the day or evening, weekdays or weekend. Multi-session class and drop-in workshop proposals are welcome.

Please complete the form below to start the process. We will be in touch within a week to talk with you about your proposal. If we believe your proposal is a good fit for SCRAP’s mission and audience, we will ask for more detailed information from you, and send you an instructor agreement and more information on conducting classes at SCRAP.

SCRAP does not pay instructors, but takes a portion of earnings from class fees. We help promote classes and provide a sign-up web page for participants. While SCRAP will promote your class in our newsletter and social media, the most successful instructors actively promote their classes to friends and fans.

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What will participants pay for this class? (Remember, SCRAP will keep 25% of the total paid.) We recommend a minimum of $20 per participant.
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What types of materials will participants use? Aproximately how much of these materials will each participant need? (SCRAP supplies materials at no cost in most cases.)