SCRAP pricing and donations changes


Starting Monday August 4th 2014, SCRAP will be changing its prices, donation drop-off times, as well as the items that we accept.


cleanscrapProviding access for everyone to affordable art supplies and inspiring creativity remains one of the key goals at SCRAP, and we certainly are not going to change that! However, as we receive more and more donations, the cost of operations is going up. We also lost key funding that we were counting on recently, which has affected our ability to pick up donations from homes and businesses. Add to that our desire to pay our staff a decent living wage, and you can see how it all adds up!

We have decided to raise the prices (slightly!) on most of our materials (and then lower prices on other bulk items). By creating a pricing guideline (available in SCRAP and on our website), we can be more consistent in our pricing and it will be a bit easier to see how much items are in our creative reuse center.

SCRAP will also only be accepting donations Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 4pm. The donations are coming in thick and fast, which is fantastic because it means more and more people are thinking about how to reuse the materials they don’t need anymore. However, it also means that we are getting swamped! Having an extra day on Monday to process those materials means we can be more efficient and get more materials out for you to take home and create masterpieces with. We appreciate your understanding in this change.

It’s a sad state of affairs in San Francisco at the moment as many independent shops and community resources are being forced to close because they cannot financially survive. We don’t want that to happen to SCRAP! We are very lucky to have such amazing supporters and we truly appreciate all the people who come through our doors, so please bear with us as we make these crucial changes to grow SCRAP, clarify our pricing and donations policy and serve our whole community better.

Click here for our new pricing guidelines

Click here for our new donation guidelines

Click here to donate financially to SCRAP

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BagShare Sew at SCRAP

Sew Reusable Bags for SCRAP!
Sat, Sept 27th
11am – 3pmBagSahre2c

Drop in anytime!

BagShare reduces waste, gets people sewing, and turns scrap fabric into bags that shoppers use when they forget their own bag. BagShare locations strive to become bag free. Bags are returned to any BagShare location. If you have a sewing machine bring it along!

Sewing bags is easy and fun! Drop in and sew for SCRAP!

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SCRAP Workshop: Iris Fold w/ Jody Alexander

SCRAP Paper: Iris Fold w/ Jody Alexander
Saturday, October 11th 1-4pm    fee: $40

alexander iris fold2Artist Jody Alexander will show participants how to make iris fold creations using SCRAP materials to frame an image of their choice that can be used on a card or left ready for framing. The Iris Fold technique originated in Holland and makes a striking frame for any image or photograph. Strips of folded paper create a spiral design that resembles the iris of an eye or camera.

About Jody
Jody Alexander is an artist, bookmaker and librarian. She binds books with found and discarded papers and fabric in iris002a number of historical and modern binding styles. She combines these books with found objects to create sculptural works and installations. Her pieces celebrate collecting, storytelling, and odd characters. She is the proprietress of Wishi Washi Studio in Santa Cruz, California.

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SCRAP Workshop: Photo Books w/ CJ Grossman

Photo Books w/ C.J. Grossman
Saturday, Sept 20th 12-4pm   fee: $45

Learn to make several different kinds of books to show off your best photos. Using materials from SCRAP CJ will show participants how to make photo mailers, a little photo album, a story-with-photos book, and more. Display photos of friends, travel, kids, or pets sized from 1″ square to 4 x 5″.

About C.J.
C.J. Grossman is a mixed media artist specializing in Book Arts and unique paper cuts. She exhibits her books, mixed media altars, assemblage and paper cut out books nationally. She has taught thousands of students how to make books, and also teaches how to make books with kids.

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SCRAP Workshop: Mosaic Mandalas w/ Jane Schafgans

Mosaic Mandalas w/ Jane Schafgans
Saturday, Sept 13th 10am – 4pm
Sunday, Sept 14th 11am – 1pm     fee: $80

MandalaMosaicMandalas are everywhere. “The circle with a center” pattern is a basic structure of creation that is reflected in much of the natural world, and recognized for it’s spiritual meaning and representation of wholeness. In this workshop Jane will lead participants in an exploration and creation of the mandala pattern in mosaics using a variety of ceramic and glass tile, and other personal items such as jewelry. For some this may be the first time working with making a mosaic, for others, it is an opportunity to try out some new ideas and gain more experience working in this wonderful medium. Participants are welcome to bring personal materials to include in their mandalas, and will be given a chance to treasure hunt in SCRAP for inspiration as well. On Saturday Jane will go over techniques and uses of materials as participants create their mosaic mandalas. Sunday the mosaics will be grouted and finished.

About Jane
Jane Schafgans, native San Franciscan, has been working with mosaics for many years. Besides teaching adults, she has also worked as an artist in residence, partnering with fellow artist Kim Payne, in several public and private schools in S.F, facilitating mosaic murals designed and created by students. She has also volunteered on several public works mosaic installations around the city.

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