SCRAP pricing and donations changes


Starting Monday August 4th 2014, SCRAP will be changing its prices, donation drop-off times, as well as the items that we accept.


cleanscrapProviding access for everyone to affordable art supplies and inspiring creativity remains one of the key goals at SCRAP, and we certainly are not going to change that! However, as we receive more and more donations, the cost of operations is going up. We also lost key funding that we were counting on recently, which has affected our ability to pick up donations from homes and businesses. Add to that our desire to pay our staff a decent living wage, and you can see how it all adds up!

We have decided to raise the prices (slightly!) on most of our materials (and then lower prices on other bulk items). By creating a pricing guideline (available in SCRAP and on our website), we can be more consistent in our pricing and it will be a bit easier to see how much items are in our creative reuse center.

SCRAP will also only be accepting donations Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 4pm. The donations are coming in thick and fast, which is fantastic because it means more and more people are thinking about how to reuse the materials they don’t need anymore. However, it also means that we are getting swamped! Having an extra day on Monday to process those materials means we can be more efficient and get more materials out for you to take home and create masterpieces with. We appreciate your understanding in this change.

It’s a sad state of affairs in San Francisco at the moment as many independent shops and community resources are being forced to close because they cannot financially survive. We don’t want that to happen to SCRAP! We are very lucky to have such amazing supporters and we truly appreciate all the people who come through our doors, so please bear with us as we make these crucial changes to grow SCRAP, clarify our pricing and donations policy and serve our whole community better.

Click here for our new pricing guidelines

Click here for our new donation guidelines

Click here to donate financially to SCRAP

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SCRAP Workshop: Recycled Glass and Collage w/ Reddy Lieb

Recycled Glass & Collage w/ Reddy Lieb
Saturday, Oct 25 10am -4pm fee: $60ReddyLiebIntheBeginning

Exercise the right side of your brain and get creative with collage and glass! Artist Reddy Lieb will show participants how to create decorative and expressive glass panels, jewelry, or small sculptures using recycled glass and collage. In this full-day workshop participants will scrounge through the treasures of scrap to find decorative papers, images, glass pieces, and more to be used in making mixed media collage works. Reddy will then instruct students in basic glass cutting and preparation techniques as well as instruct them on how to use copper foil and to solder their final pieces. Beginners welcome!

About Reddy
For over 30 years Reddy Lieb has been working with glass to create both conceptual and functional work. She uses recycled materials in her work and in 2000 was the Artist-in-Residence at Recology San Francisco, aka the garbage dump. In 2004, she received an MFA from the California College of Art. Reddy loves inspiring the creative process in people and has been doing so for over 20 years.


Register for this workshop here

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Set up a recurring donation to SCRAP

SCRAP is a small nonprofit and we appreciate even small financial donations, especially recurring donations. Please click on the donate button and click on “Make this Recurring (Monthly)”

Here’s what your donation will do:

$5 recurring donations will help buy rubber bands for our fabric section

$25 recurring donations will help us buy paint to paint boxes and shelves

$50 recurring donations will help us develop more engaging programs

$100 recurring donations will help fund our monthly Teacher Material Giveaway program

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SCRAP Workshop: SCRAP Wrap: Bags Boxes and Bows w/Megumi and Monica

SCRAP Wrap (BBB): Boxes Bags and Bows w/ Megumi and Monica
Sat, Nov 22 1-4pm     Fee: $30 

Monica and Megumi are back this year with  new tricks and old favorites in their popular SCRAP Wrap workshop. Come learn how to creatively repurpose everyday materials into beautiful boxes, bags and bows. Go home with an assortment of repurposed pre-made gift packages and bows made from Scrap materials ready to be filled with holiday gifts
(Sign up early and get ahead of the game this year!)

About Monica and Megumi:SCRAP Wrap grouping

Megumi Inouye is known for her exquisite and unique gift wrapping using repurposed, found, and organic material. In 2008, Megumi was named Runner Up Finalist in a national giftwrapping contest: The America’s Most Gifted Wrapper Contest, sponsored by 3M Scotch Brand in NYC. Following the contest, Megumi appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show with a Wrap Off with Ellen!

After 30 plus years as a professional photographer Monica Lee has gone back to her first love of making art using found and repurposed materials. A long time Scrap shopper and Scrap instructor Monica is currently the Artist in Resident at Ruth’s Table where she teaches creative re-use workshops. Monica has also taught at FabMo, SF Tech Shop, SF Zine Fest, O’hanlon Center for the Arts, Memory Cafe and for corporations seeking creative team building.

Click here to Register for this Workshop

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SCRAP Drop In Workshop: Air plants and Terrariums w/ Margarita Lopez

Air plants and Terrariums w/ Margarita Lopez
Saturday, November 15, drop in between 11am-3pm     fee $20


terrarium2 Create a one-of-a-kind terrarium using SCRAP materials and air plants. SCRAP staff member Margarita Lopez will help you design and create your own terrarium using all kinds of materials from SCRAP. Register for the workshop to ensure that we have enough materials and air plants, or come and drop in and play! Terrariums make great holiday presents, enliven any room, and are just fun little worlds.

terrarium terrarium1



Sign up to reserve your spot

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SCRAP Workshop: Collage and Greeting Cards w/ Roxanna Walker

Collage and Greeting Cards w/ Roxanna Walker
Saturday, November 8 12-4pm    fee: $40

Celebrate your innate creativity with an afternoon of collage led by local mixed media artist Roxanna Walker. Collage is an excellent medium for anyone who yearns to create — no formal art background required! Collage is a no-pressure technique with no mistakes. Roxanna will lead participants as they delve into SCRAP for images and other elements that inspire and speak to  them. Participants will go home with at least one collage and lots of inspiration for your next visit to SCRAP. Since the Holidays are right around the corner, Roxanna can show you how to integrate your collage into a greeting card, using your own images or images found at SCRAP to create one-of-a-kind cards and notes.

About Roxanna
Roxanna Walker is a San Francisco artist who has spent her life exploring creativity, initially with writing before transitioning to collage and mixed media. She has studied with several Bay area artists, shows her art locally, and pursues her passion full-time.

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