The SCRAP Team

Board of Directors

Joel Puliatti, President
Mindy Kershner, Vice President
Nicole Gaetjens, Secretary
Felisia Castañeda, Treasurer

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Anne Marie Theilen, Co-Founder
KQED 2011 Women’s History Hero
2011 Jefferson Award for Public Service

Ruth Asawa (1926 – 2013), Co-Founder, President Emeritus
Ruth Asawa, a Bay Area artist, was nationally recognized for her wire sculpture, public commissions, and her activism in education and the arts.


Ben Delaney, Executive Director
Terrill Cain, Depot Assistant Manager
Antonio Flood, Monica Hoskins, Margarita Lopez, Ronella Monlin, Jahaira Morales, Lisa Ryan, Taariq WilliamsCreative Reuse Specialists

Robert Haemmerling, Driver
TJ, Maintenance and Grounds Manager

Freen Art Workshop provides many events.

Assistance in providing classes, workshops and
field trips is provided by Green Art Workshop.


Foote, Nancy, Bruce, Jennifer, Melodie, Tina, Rhowana, Sheryl, Joanna, Judy, Richard, Tony, Harold, Tuan, Obed, Artel, Megan, and many others.
Thank you all!

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