Re-Frame It! w/ Francisco Hernandez

May 8, 2010 1-4pm

Join teacher and artist Francisco Hernandez and learn about changing the context of ordinary objects by placing them within a Joseph Cornell-inspired frame or box. During this workshop you will use frames, wood pieces, boxes, odd novelties, glass fragments and much more to create a mixed media diorama.  You will reshape or resize a frame, or add divisions to a wooden wine box, to use as a base for a three-dimensional assemblage. During the workshop you will investigate how to bring disparate elements together to create a personally meaningful tableau. (Feel free to bring personal elements from home that you might want to incorporate into your work.) You will leave this workshop with a completed sculptural piece. No special skills required, but do bring your imagination!

About the Artist: Francisco Hernandez is a 5th-grade teacher, boat-builder, sculptor, and frequent SCRAP shopper. His students have created model bridges, buildings, windmills, and dams using SCRAP materials, and he spent a recent weekend building a coop for three rescued chickens.  What Francisco loves about Scrap is that there is “a whole lot of material inspiration under one roof!”

Ben Delaney
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