Your recurring donation to SCRAP helps every month!

SCRAP is a nonprofit organization. While we earn about 2/3 of our budget from Depot sales, we rely on a few large funders and hundreds of individuals like you to make up the rest of our budget. Because we are a 501(c)(3) organization, your donations are probably tax deductible.

We appreciate even small financial donations, especially recurring donations. A recurring donation makes it easy for you to support SCRAP every month, at what ever rate is comfortable for you. to set up you recurring donation, please click on the donate button below, and choose on “Make this Recurring (Monthly).” Of course, you may stop your recurring donation at any time.

Here’s what your donation does:

Your $5 recurring donations will buy rubber bands for our fabric section

Your $25 recurring donations will help fund our monthly newsletters

Your $50 recurring donations will help SCRAP provide workforce development training to two WorkAbility participants

Your $100 recurring donations will fund our free Teachers’ Give-Away program for two teachers.

Thank YOU!

Ben Delaney
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