Recycled, ReInvented from the Artists at SCRAP at Ruth’s Table Gallery

The Gallery at Ruth’s Table at the Bethany Center presents:

September 10, 2010 – January 5, 2011

Artists’ Reception: Friday, September 24th, 6-9pm

A group exhibition of artists who work at SCRAP.

Ruth Asawa served as President of the Board of Directors and has been President Emeritus of SCRAP for more than 20 years.

Exhibiting artists:
Ellen Fletcher Burns, Stacey M. Carter, Erin Feller, Jake David Lindsay-Ceniceros, Jennifer Morningstar, Sandra Murray, Jeff Rahuba, Lisa Ryan, Jane Schafgans, Kenan Shapero and Ute Zaunbauer

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“This exhibition showcases the works of a group of talented artists that dedicate a portion of their time and energy as staff members at SCRAP.

Working at SCRAP requires artistic talent and vision, paired with the visual and mental ability to decipher, break down and organize a seemingly infinite stream of materials, continually adapting to its variety.  This brainteaser challenges the mind to make creative decisions quickly and constantly.   After absorbing and reacting to the SCRAP work environment, these artists leave and engage in their individual creative processes.  The resulting works of art explore the concepts of inevitability, disconnection, reinvention and re-distribution. These works are a collective demonstration of how the SCRAP environment shapes us and helps the communities we live in.

SCRAP, Scroungers’ Center for Reusable Art Parts, is the oldest non-profit creative reuse center in the San Francisco Bay Area. As the original source of reusable supplies to schools and nonprofits, SCRAP breathes new life into old objects and reduces waste by diverting over 200 tons of materials that would otherwise go to landfill every year.

For artists, writers and actors, working at SCRAP can offer the scheduling flexibility necessary to balance employment with their creative pursuits.  Equally important is the constant visual and tactile stimulation these artists experience while handling, assessing and organizing the never-ending flow of donated materials that pass through SCRAP, and that will ultimately be reinvented or repurposed as they pass into new hands.”

Guest Curator:
Robert Flynn Johnson
Curator Emeritus   Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

The Gallery at Ruth’s Table and the Bethany Center are located in the Mission at 580 Capp Street, San Francisco, 94110.  Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, weekends by appointment.

For more information contact: Lola Fraknoi – 415-821-4515

Ben Delaney
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