SCRAP “Breaking Ground” with Artist Ian Colon’s Hanging Gardens of Frisco

SCRAP will be hosting a workshop at SFPT’s Breaking Ground: Urban Gardening Youth Conference on Saturday, June 19th from 11:00 to 11:50am in Golden Gate Park’s SF County Fair Building.
Check out their website here for more information about the conference.

Hanging Gardens of Frisco w/ Ian Colon
Join artist Ian Colon to learn a fun easy solution for saving space and rethinking the urban landscape and the relationship of waste to our ecosystem. Participants will be turning donated vinyl banners into a vertical garden; transforming blight into beauty with a modular pocket system that allows as many or as few carbon catching sprouts to proliferate as the maker desires. Using only the vinyl, string, duct tape, dirt and plants, participants will create a space saving garden that can be installed anywhere. The project starts with choosing a variety of shapes and sizes for the pockets that will hold the plants. Then the pockets will be cut to size. Holes will be punched along the length of the pocket and supporting vinyl, then it will be tied together with string. After all knots have been tied the seams are sealed with duct tape and decorated to the makers desire.

This is a great project for those living in cramped quarters, solariums, bathrooms, city installations, offices or wherever..

Estimated time for project: 50 min

About Ian
Ian Colon is an artist based in Oakland who is interested in the way the artwork accumulates value and what the notions of ‘genius’ and ‘special’ produce in behavior patterns.  He recently moved to the Bay Area to pursue a lifestyle more in touch with nature and humor.  He is an avid cyclist and member of a local CSA.

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