SCRAP Workshop – “Corazon Puro: The Pure Heart” with Mariana Fay

Saturday, February 12th, 1-4pm     fee: $25 

“Corazon Puro” is a workshop on the traditional use of the heart in Mexican Art. Join us in welcoming artist Mariana Fay as she shares her love for the everyday in the art of Mexico and of Mexicanos born in the U.S. Participants will be shown that a little beauty and imagination can bring joy to the mundane.

With Mexican design in mind Mariana will lead the class in making hearts using all manner of collage supplies: fabric, colored board, metal pieces, ribbon, paint, etc, etc.. whatever is available to make a jewel-like tribute to this tradition. She will share examples of Mexican hearts and some of her own ideas, and be present as a guide to give technical advise and to coax students ideas into the reality of works of art that can be taken home and hung on a wall, in a window, on a door, in the car, or given as a gift to a loved one. “My students can expect a fun, relaxed, community art experience, where we share words as we work and share supplies around the table as we develop our ideas–a Mexican quilting bee of sorts–for hearts!”

To register go to the workshops page and fill out the registration form.

Ben Delaney
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