SCRAP Workshop: Crocheting Granny Squares for Beginners w/ Rene McIntyre

Saturday, July 24th, 1-4pm    fee: $20

If you have always wanted to learn how to crochet and use some of the beautiful yarns available at SCRAP, now is your chance! During this workshop Rene will start off by showing you how to hold a crochet needle and how to read crochet instructions. From there, you’ll learn three crochet stitches-chain, slipstitch and double crochet stitch. From these basic stitches, Rene will show you how to make a traditional granny square, how to alter the granny square and how to change yarn in the square. You will be using yarn from SCRAP, an “H” crochet hook, a plastic large eye needle and printed instructions. In addition to learning how to crochet a granny square you’ll also learn how to sew ends into the work and use the granny squares in a variety of ways. You will leave with at least two granny square samples, the materials to crochet more granny squares, instructions for various squares, and ideas of what can be done with them.

About Rene

Rene began crocheting when she was twelve and has loved it ever since! She mostly makes baby clothes and blankets, but occasionally makes adult clothing, hats and scarves. She teaches crochet as a volunteer at the Main Library in SF as well. In addition, she always volunteers to make blankets and baby clothes for her friends and family and has sold the layettes and preemie hats she makes. Rene loves the wide variety of materials available at SCRAP and can’t wait to finish school so she can attend some of SCRAP workshops herself this summer!

Ben Delaney
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