SCRAP Workshop: Dream Catchers with Trash Mash-Up

September 25th, 1-4pm      fee: $20 

Inspired by the people of the Native American Ojibwa tribe who make dream catchers out of willow branches, feathers, beads, and sinew or string,  creators Bridget and Jessie McCracken, of Trash Mash Up, present this original workshop.  It is believed that by placing a dream catcher above a bed, bad dreams will get tangled in the web of the dream catcher, allowing only good dreams to pass on to the sleeper.  The elders of the Ojibwa community made these for their youth.  During this workshop Bridget and Jessie bring this tradition to us with a modern twist, using recycled materials. Participants will learn how to weave the web of the dream catcher and decorate it using a variety of materials such as discarded National Geographic magazines, yarn, interesting shinny things that dangle, bottle caps, beads, buttons, tetra pak and plastic bags. Participants will learn about creative reuse and the traditions of Native Americans.

About Bridget and Jessie
Jessie and Bridget McCracken are the founders of Trash Mash-Up, a community art project. Bridget and Jessie both graduated from the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre and San Francisco State University. Drawing from their talent for creating original theatrical productions and their commitment to serving their community, TMU is a socially and environmentally conscious art project.  TMU shares cultural traditions with diverse communities in public performances and workshops. Reducing waste by using trash to make art, TMU reminds all of San Francisco that one person’s trash could become an entire city’s treasure.

Ben Delaney
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