SCRAP Workshop: Making Dreams – Collage with Janell Moon

Saturday, April 10th 1- 4pm

If you are interested in working more deeply with images and the imagination, this collage workshop is for you! Please join artist and author Janell Moon for an afternoon rich with discovery and learning. In this workshop you will be using cardboard or any flat backing for the “dream body” and papers, fabric and found items to glue on this surface. You will learn how to unify a collage so it is fun to do, work as a piece of art and stretch your imagination. In addition, guided by Janell, you will learn how the objects and images you choose have meaning-making potential for you. You can bring images that you want to make central to a dream or find something at SCRAP that resonates for you. You will leave with as many as three collages with flat surfaces or surfaces for shadow boxes.

About Janell
Janell is the author of ten books of poetry and spiritual nonfiction.
She a trained hypnotherapist and uses collage work for both meditation and as a channel for creativity. Janell runs a dream group and The Making Dreams Collage Workshop is a variation of this, giving participants an opportunity to chose images and later, if they wish, write about what they have made and how it relates to their lives. Janell has a memoir coming out in the fall of 2010 titled, Salt and Paper, by RAW ArT PRESS, written in fragments, which tells the story of a full, creative life.

Ben Delaney