SCRAP Workshop: SCRAP Paper: DIY Papermaking w/ Susan Peterson

SCRAP Paper: DIY Papermaking w/ Susan Peterson
June 23rd, 10-4pm fee: $60

DIY papermaking is messy but a lot of fun! It makes a highly textured sheet of paper that feels wonderful and can be used for many projects or even as an artwork in itself. Once you get the technique down, you can make many sheets of paper in a variety of colors. Join us in welcoming Susan Peterson as she teaches participants how to make paper pulp to create different kinds of paper. She will show participants how to make & use a mold and deckle as well as how to make beautiful paper with inclusions such as colored or metallic paper bits, flower petals, or other fun materials that can be found at SCRAP. Papermaking is relaxing and fun, and the results are fabulous!

About Susan
Susan Peterson is an artist and arts educator with more than 20 years of experience. Growing up just outside Boston she moved to Arizona for graduate school. The wide-open spaces have kept her in the west, settling in San Francisco. This landscape, as well as travels to Africa and Asia, have had a strong influence on her work. Susan is a ceramicist but loves all crafts and runs Craft Labs. She has a studio in the Mission district in a former mayonnaise factory.

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