SCRAP Workshop: SCRAPpy Terrariums w/ Elana & Annakai

SCRAPpy Terrariums w/ Elana & Annakai
Saturday, July 28th, 1-4pm    fee: $25

Come join us and learn how to make fun SCRAPpy terrariums! Participants will be guided though the process of building their own terrariums. Arranging succulents, charcoal, gravel, sand, decorative rock, shells, moss, driftwood, crystals, and anything else you want to add to form miniature plant worlds within glass vessels. All ages can enjoy this workshop because terrarium-making can be done as meticulously or wildly as you like! Terrariums make great tabletop decorations to add a bit of green into any room, and they’re also perfect gifts for any occasion.

About Elana Rapp & Annakai Geshlider
Elana and Annakai are the Succulent Sisters, a terrarium-loving duo who teach workshops and sell their miniature plant worlds in flea markets, through commissions,  and to their friends and family. They share a mutual love for all things Japanese; unusual hairstyles; and accidental poetry. They are rising seniors at The Urban School of San Francisco. Examples of their work can be found at their website.

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