September 11th and 12th: SCRAP is having a big clean up and we need your help!

SCRAP’s 5000 square foot warehouse of great reusable materials needs a deep cleaning! We have planned September 11th and 12th for this cleaning and will not be open for sales on Monday September 12th. We need volunteers to help us scrub, dust, sort, package and design optimal displays for our materials. We need people to help us lift, move and place heavy objects. We need amazing people to help us rethink our whole space and redesign it to better serve our needs.

SCRAP is such an important resource to thousands of teachers, artists, nonprofits, parents and individuals in our community. We have witnessed the start of so many home businesses using our materials, we have amazing artists get inspired by the materials we supply, we give free school supplies to hundreds of teachers and educators, we inspire creativity and encourage everyone to see reuse as part of the cycle of a product. We really need to do this clean up to help us better achieve our mission and to grow SCRAP.

Please join us in our cleanup by giving us an hour or two of your time to help SCRAP better serve our community. Fill out this form to let us know that you are coming, or just show up on September 11th or 12th ready to clean!

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Ben Delaney
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