Seen At SCRAP: You don’t need a shopping list for Inspiration!

It’s hard to make a trip to SCRAP and leave empty-handed, right? But if you knew what treasures arrived in our latest shipment, that trip may have just as much intent as surprise in it..

We just got fat with punk rock cd’s.  Cases on top of cases on top of cases of shrink-wrapped cd’s from local punk rock wreck chord company…listen to, or re-purpose these shiny discs of kaleidoscopic joy. Make a wall of reflectors. Have a need for some coasters? Slap some fabric on & rest your rocks’ glass.

Crate News for People who like to Organize: Hanging file folders—lots of ‘em.. Practical, strong, and you can’t resist the earthy moss-green color—spring is here.

Newsflash: The Lilliputians donated all their vases to SCRAP. We have two almost-full blue barrels of these must-haves. Aren’t they cute?

We would love to hear how you are using the treasures you find at SCRAP. Let us know & we’ll share it in our next newsletter! Or post it here!

SCRAP Rocks because you make it ROCK! 

Ben Delaney
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