Promote creativity & environmental awareness.

Reduce waste and keep useful materials out of landfill.

Inspire art-making & breathe new life into old materials

SCRAP has a variety of volunteer opportunities. Are you…

…an individual with a couple of hours to spare?
…fulfilling a community service requirement?
…looking for meaningful team-building opportunities for a group?

If you are interested in learning about board service and joining our Board of Directors email us at


We need help taking donations, sorting donations, and organizing and stocking our shelves with all those fun materials. Without volunteers there’s no way we could manage the 250 tons of donated materials that come through our doors each year. Please fill out the volunteer form below to get started!

Current needs

We currently are looking for an office volunteer to help with data entry and filing. This position can occupy as much time as you’d like to offer, because we’re pretty backed up. We need help organizing our filing system and getting stuff put away. We also need help with data entry — additions, changes, and updates — on an ongoing basis. If you would like to help in the SCRAP office, please email the Ben Delaney, bdelaney at, or complete the form below and indicate your interest in the comment field.

We are  also looking for someone to help with our social media and marketing communications efforts. If you volunteer for this work, you will be responsible for creating and transmitting tweets, posts, and longer-form releases in all appropriate media, with the goal of increasing awareness and knowledge of SCRAP, including its work, its history, its objectives, people and impact. Other objectives include increased event participation and donor engagement.If you would like to help with SCRAP’s social media efforts, please email the Ben Delaney, bdelaney at, or complete the form below and indicate your interest in the comment field.

Community Service

SCRAP volunteers have earned credit for community service requirements at their schools, earning letters of recommendation and enhancing their resumes.

SCRAP is part of Project 20, a program allowing eligible people to pay off their San Francisco parking tickets through community service. We cannot answer questions about the program – – we are just one of several nonprofits where you can work. Follow this link for more information.

Team Building

SCRAP is a great place to bring a team to engage in meaningful, hands-on work that truly benefits the community. Our space can accommodate teams of up to 25. Teams can engage in projects such as sorting and organizing materials, making improvements to the depot, or special projects developed with the specific skills or interests of the team in mind.

In the past, teams have also engaged in creative team-building challenges using materials in the depot. These activities would be developed by your team or your own team-facilitator, with access to SCRAP’s workshop area and materials depot.

Ready to get started?
To inquire about volunteer opportunities complete the form below or  call (415) 647-1746 Monday through Friday 9-5.

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