WE SCRAP: Oct 6th – Day of the Dead Ofrendas

WE SCRAP! Workshops for Educators
Every first Saturday SCRAP will be holding a WE SCRAP! workshop for educators presenting a creative reuse project that can be used in the classroom and uses SCRAP materials and directly ties into the curriculum. Participants will learn and create the project and then obtain a materials package to teach the project in their own classroom complete with an instruction sheet that includes a list of California Content Standards that the project fulfills.
10am to 1pm    fee: $15 (for educators only)

Oct 6th:  Day of the Dead Ofrendas
presented by Aiko Lanier Cuneo

Day of the Dead is a time to celebrate and honor loved ones who have passed. Families in Mexico build altars in their homes, filled with offerings for their spirits who they believe come back to visit on November 1st and 2nd. In this workshop, participants are shown how to make an ofrenda in memory of someone they love who has died. After writing a short paragraph of memories about a loved one, they will create a dimensional altar using boxes and paper pop-up techniques. Bring in items and/or search the shelves at SCRAP for materials to create miniature offerings that represent food, drink, and favorite things once enjoyed by the person being remembered.

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