Wearable Books Workshop w/ Jody Alexander

Saturday May 22, 1-4p       fee: $20

Join librarian and book artist Jody for an afternoon learning to transform old book pages into bracelets, necklaces and earrings.  During this workshop you will use book pages, elastic bottles, string and glue to create a variety of book page paper beads.  You’ll be inspired to use the text on the pages to incorporate into you bead and jewelry work.  You will also have some time to view Jody’s book arts and ask her how to questions.  You will leave this workshop with paper beads, a bracelet and a necklace made from a chemistry glass vessel and old book pages!


Jody is a book artist who binds books in many historical binding styles who also enjoys rescuing books in distress and giving them new life as art.  As a librarian and book artist, her art celebrates collecting, storytelling and odd characters.  You can see more of her work on her website at jalexbooks.com.  What Jody loves most about SCRAP is “the chemistry glass, the old office supplies and the element of surprise every time I step foot in SCRAP – I never know what I will find!”

Website: www.jalexbooks.com

Ben Delaney
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