Workshop: Bind Your Own Small SCRAP Journal w/ Leah Virsik

Saturday, July 10th, 1-4pm fee: SCRAP Journals$20

Join artist Leah Virsik for this SCRAP workshop and learn how to bind your own small journal with a running stitch. During this workshop you will use paper, fabric, buttons, beads, thread, wallpaper, elastic and more to create a small hand bound journal. You will spend some time perusing the aisles of SCRAP to figure out what materials to use for your book.  Leah will then, show you how to incorporate the images and small items into your journal in interesting ways. She will also talk with you about “renegade sewing” and incorporating stitching into your work. You will be inspired by, and learn from, samples of her own work that she’ll share with you during the workshop!

About Leah

Leah enjoys making books and painting. She has a passion for paper and bookbinding and daydreams about art when she’s not actually making it. She creates books out of new and repurposed materials and works with paper, fabric, plastic, metal, acrylic and collage. She loves to create books and finds they are a fun, accessible thing to make. What’s exciting to her about this is discovering all the different materials one can use to make books. What she loves about SCRAP is looking through the potential materials and how it’s organized. She finds treasures that she might not have even considered using in her artwork if it weren’t for SCRAP!

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