Workshop – CD Books w/ Nadine Browning

Saturday, December 11th, 1-4pm       fee: $20   

In this workshop participants will use CDs to construct a small book with a modified piano hinge spine that can be used as a journal, notebook, mini photo album, or unique artist’s book.  Nadine will lead the class step-by-step through the process of cutting, gluing, folding, sewing, and then assembling the components of the book. Participants will leave with a unique book that can be decorated or filled with personal artwork, small images or text. This project is a satisfying and fun way to turn mundane objects into unique works of art that make perfect gifts!

Nadine Browning is a mixed-media artist and frequent SCRAP shopper committed to the practice of reusing and repurposing materials. Nadine uses natural materials and collects odd things for her artwork, which is very personal and highly therapeutic.  In addition to being an artist she works with students, ages 6-12, to create class art projects for school fundraisers.  She has completed seven such projects including the book to be taught in this class.

To register for this workshop click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Ben Delaney
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