Creative Reuse Resources

Here are other Creative Reuse Centers and similar resources in the San Francisco Bay Area, around the USA, and in other countries. Please let us know if your organization would like to be added to our list!

Bay Area Resources

Arts Providers Alliance of San Francicso

The Arts Providers Alliance of San Francisco is a group of professional artists and arts organizations dedicated to the advancement of arts education in San Francisco.

The Away Station (Fairfax)

The mission of The Away Station is to productively and creatively serve the community and the planet by the organized collection and redistribution of the by-products of consumption. This is done by providing a way for people to effortlessly get rid of unwanted items knowing that these items will go to good use and not go into the land-fill.

Bio-Link Depot (Oakland, Los Altos Hills)

Giving unneeded lab supplies and equipment a new life at middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities.

Building Resources

San Francisco’s only source for reusable, recycled and remanufactured building and landscaping materials.

East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse (Oakland)

The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse is an ecological treasure trove of art & craft materials, educational supplies, vintage furniture, home décor, paper goods, fabric, and much more.

EcoFindeRRR (SF Environment)

Find out where to recycle and properly dispose of just about anything.

Ecology Center (Berkeley)

The Ecology Center provides the public with reliable information, tools, hands-on training, and models for sustainable living. It runs Berkeley’s residential curbside recycling program, the Berkeley Farmers’ Markets, Farm Fresh Choice food justice program, EcoHouse home and garden, the Ecology Center Store, and a variety of Information and Climate Change Action programs, as well as the EcoCalendar and EcoDirectory.

FabMo (Mountain View)

FabMo collects interior designer discards and hosts monthly distributions for a suggested donation. They also have several creative reuse workshops a week and have an annual Textile Art Boutique in October.

Ohmega Salvage (Berkeley)

Our goal is to save architectural materials that are still useful to others and essential to authentic restoration projects; as well as to save resources in a world burdened with too much landfill.

RAFT – Resource Area for Teaching (San Jose, Redwood City, Sacramento)

RAFT is a non-profit organization that provides educators with the tools they need to engage their students in powerful hands-on learning experiences.

Recreate (Roseville)

Recreate works with local businesses to collect unwanted items, industrial by-products, for use in environmental conservation lessons, art and creative expression. Recreate hosts drop-in crafting, birthday parties and field trips.

The ReUse People (Oakland)

The ReUse People of America reduces the solid waste stream and changes the way the built environment is renewed by salvaging building materials and distributing them for reuse.

Ruth’s Table (San Francisco)

Ruth’s Table is a center for creative learning for people over 50, rooted in the life and work of San Francisco artist Ruth Asawa. Her wish is for her table to continue to serve as a hearth for creativity, inspiring people to come together, continue to learn, and give back to the community. Ruth was President Emeritus of SCRAP.

Urban Ore (Berkeley)

Our purpose is to end the age of waste by advocating and developing total recycling. We receive unwanted things and sell them as-is for reuse.


TOYCYCLE’s mission is to reduce waste by connecting families in local toy reuse communities. We enable families, teachers and other child-centered non-profits or agencies to exchange gently-used toys through our website and mobile app in an effort to keep them out of landfill.

Outside the Bay Area


Art from SCRAP (Santa Barbara)

Art From Scrap is one of the leading environmental education organizations in Santa Barbara, California. Each year AFS Green Schools reaches 14,000 children through lessons and field trips covering the topics of Natural Resources, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Compost, Water Quality, and School Gardens.

California Materials Exchange (CalMAX) (CA)

A state-run portal, CalMAX is a simple idea: “One business’ trash is another business’ treasure.” Businesses, industry, schools, and nonprofits can use CalMAX to search for available and wanted materials.

LA Shares (Los Angeles)

L.A. SHARES is a non-profit materials reuse program, which takes donations from the local business community of reusable goods and materials (both new and used) and redistributes these items FREE-OF-CHARGE to non-profits and schools throughout Los Angeles County.

Long Beach Depot for Creative Reuse (Long Beach)

The Depot is a Non-Profit Public Benefit Organization and relies entirely on contributions from supporters and benefactors to accomplish our objectives of acquiring and disseminating information and materials to enhance a more “Green America” and to promote reuse of throwaway items by inspiring public participation in the reduction of items destined for our landfills.

Rare Hare F.A.I.R. (San Diego)

Rare Hare F.A.I.R (Fostering Artistic Ingenuity with Recycling) courses increase environmental awareness by turning normally discarded items that impact San Diego landfills into functional and creative projects.

reDiscover (Los Angeles)

reDiscover promotes creativity in early childhood and elementary education while encouraging environmental responsibility. reDiscover recycles everyday discards donated by business and gives them new purpose as hands-on learning materials. reDiscover is a community art center, reuse warehouse, gallery and event space.

The United States

Arts and Scraps (Detroit, MI)

Arts & Scraps uses recycled industrial scraps to help people of all ages and abilities think, create and learn. Started in 1989, Arts & Scraps is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that annually recycles 28 tons of material and serves 275,000 children.

The Creation Station (Lansing, MI)

This all-volunteer run, nonprofit organization provides scrap materials that educators, parents, artists, childcare providers, youth organizations or the front_door general public can use for art, crafts, science or school projects.

Deuxieme Vie (Lafayette, LA)

Deuxième Vie Creative is a nonprofit dedicated to providing affordable creative materials and education in a central location that inspires artistic reuse of items that would otherwise be discarded into an Acadiana landfill.

Don’t Toss It! (Lambertville, NJ)

Don’t Toss It is a locally owned and operated creative reuse marketplace, boutique and gallery that provides affordable materials to artists and the community that were collected or donated in an effort to keep them out of landfill and encourage creative expression in the arts.

The Hudson Valley Materials Exchange (New Paltz, NY)

HVME is an educational waste prevention organization that fosters business and community development, art and culture, environmental protection, and sustainable living through its services.

Lancaster Creative Reuse (Lancaster, PA)

Lancaster’s Creative Reuse center offers a donation based art, craft, and sewing supply store. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to connect community excess to those who can use it creatively. LCR aims to inspire creativity, and encourage reuse through providing educational and community outreach programming.

Materials for the Arts (New York, NY)

Founded in 1978, Materials for the Arts, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, provides thousands of NYC’s arts and cultural organizations, public schools, and community arts programs with the supplies they need to run and expand their programs.

MECCA (Eugene, OR)

MECCA operates a recycled art supply store where you can find fun materials such as flooring and wallpaper samples, corks and bottle caps, glass and ceramic pieces, fabric scraps, used cards and calendars, and much more.

NYC WasteMatch (New York, NY)

NYC Wastematch is a free service, created and funded by the NYC Department of Sanitation, which facilitates the exchange of used and surplus goods and equipment from organizations that no longer need them to other entities that do.

Redo (Baltimore, MD)

ReDo is providing education, training, and technical assistance to start up and operate reuse programs. ReDO is working to create a national reuse network and infrastructure. From the simplest programs to the most complex.

The Resource Exchange (Philadelphia, PA)

Creativity is often necessary to find ways to reuse and repurpose material, and at The Resource Exchange, creative reuse is what we’re all about! We save valuable material that used to go to landfill, and put it back into the community for creating, building and learning.

Resource Revival (Mosier, OR)

Resource Revival recycles bicycle parts into art. We create fun, functional products from recycled bicycle parts. We collect tons of discarded bicycle parts every year from bike shops all over the United States. Then our team of artists tinkers with them until new products are born. We call this Resource Revival!

SCRAP PDX (Portland, OR)

SCRAP (School and Community Reuse Action Project) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Our mission is to inspire creative reuse and environmentally sustainable behavior by providing educational programs and affordable materials to the community.

The Scrap Exchange (Durham, NC)

Promoting creativity, environmental awareness, and community through reuse since 1991.

St. Louis Teachers Recycle Center (St. Louis, MO)

The St. Louis Teachers’ Recycle Center, Inc. gathers creative materials from local business and industry that are landfill-bound and makes them available to teachers, parents and youth groups.

Teacher Exchange (Las Vegas, NV)

The Teacher EXCHANGE™ is a re-use and recycle resource center for all Southern Nevada public school teachers offering learning tools to teachers to enhance projects and curriculum. Donations of new and reusable materials, office supplies, surplus materials, computers, office equipment and furniture are collected from community businesses and individuals and provided at no charge to teachers for use in the classroom

The Wasteshed (Chicago, IL)

The WasteShed provides Chicago with an organized, affordable, and reliable resource for re-purposed art, craft, and school materials, and with a dynamic center for activities related to sustainability, art, craft, education, and material culture.

Further away

Reverse Garbage (Marrickville (near Sydney), NSW, Australia)

A creative reuse centre making a difference in the world by reducing waste and creating change in the way we look at resources! Helping the environment by diverting industrial discards from landfill and by reusing materials in their classrooms.