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For its inaugural 2021 virtual Creative Reuse Workshop Series, SCRAP is partnering with Bay Area Artist Ramekon O'Arwisters on his celebrated Crochet Jam series. Participants will learn a basic crochet finger stitch while also centering themselves within the creative process. The only materials needed are one inch strips of fabric. You can use your own or have a materials kit provided by SCRAP.

Crochet Jam engages the public to think differently about the role of art within community and the power of art within society. This event is embracing and inclusive and it makes no attempt to dictate the creative process nor judge the finished project—it is meditative, liberating, empowering and community building.

SCRAP looks forward to starting a new year in community with our artists and makers. Join us!

Artist Website | Get your ticket | *All Ages*

Materials List! All you need is:

  • A lot of 1" fabric strips, tied together. We encourage you to cut up your own strips from material special to you, but materials kits are available for purchase from SCRAP. Just "materials kit" to your Eventbrite order.

  • The artist asks that all participants watch a quick tutorial of how to do the finger crochet stitch.