The Map Extravaganza is a showcase collection of vintage maps high quality maps for sale. There are maps for everyone, wether you are a collector of unique maps, looking for handsome home decor, researcher or want some maps for fun collage making.

The maps are graphic and historical works of art and geographical research. The selection of maps has been curated by Lisa Ryan. She has put in a lot of work into caring for the maps.

SCRAP is a non-profit creative reuse center, materials depot, and workshop space founded in 1976 in San Francisco, California.
SCRAP collects donated art materials from businesses, institutions and individuals that would otherwise be headed to the landfill and makes them available to the community at affordable prices. SCRAP in a Box, and delivers sustainable education classes to students in underserved neighborhoods in San Francisco.


Berlin Map, 35" x 45".

1929 San Francisco Map, 33.5" x 28".

1924, Tokyo Chart. 42" x 31".

Point Misery Topographical Map, 22" x 17".

Forest Types of Japan, 22" x 17".

World Star Chart

Demographic Maps