Please send email inquiries for HIGH-VALUE MATERIAL DONATIONS
(preferably valued at $800+) to

All other material donation inquiries should go to

To our generous supporters and donors,


I’m writing to you, a member of our beloved SCRAP community, with a special ask that turns our traditional fundraising on its head. Why? Because I know that with the state of the economy, lay-offs in the tech sector, and everything going on in the world the last thing you need is for me to ask you to reach into your wallet. And yet, access to arts education and materials continues to be a challenge in our city.  


What can you do to support our efforts while providing a wonderful second life for items you have cherished? I am asking you to reach into your garage, attic, closet or storage unit for higher-end art, jewelry and collectables to donate to SCRAP.  Our relationships with several auction houses in the Bay Area means that SCRAP can transform your precious items into funding to support the Depot and our youth-oriented community outreach programs, SCRAP in a Box and Sustainable Fashion.  


Here are some examples of treasures that we have successfully transformed into funding for community programs:

So this year, while you are Spring cleaning, think about SCRAP! We are more than just reclaimed art parts as we strive to have a bigger impact in the community in order to carry out our mission. Your valued items will go on to:  


The Fine Print

Our desire is for all items donated to have an approximate value of $800+ at auction, but I know that isn’t always easy to estimate. Please send me pictures and if we can’t sell at auction, we have our eBay store, speciality sales and our depot’s gallery wall to ensure minimal damage and maximum return from those precious items.


Please email Terry Kochanski - with any questions or pictures & descriptions of items to donate. (SCRAP is a 501c3 company and all donations are deductible to the full extent of the law).