Donate Materials

Donations are presently By Appointment Only.

Please email:

Our Material Donation Guide

This provides a detailed (though not 100% comprehensive) list of items SCRAP accepts.

SCRAP reserves the right to refuse donations due to overflow. Visit the Reuse Resources section of our website for other areas to donate.

Also donate to Community Thrift Store and designate it to benefit "SCRAP" so a portion of their profit is given to SCRAP.

Donations are presently By Appointment Only. Please email:

Some Items we're looking for now

Mac Laptop (decent condition, fully operating) - for our new Programs Manager

Mac External Monitor (fully operating) - for our Ops Director to review your donation requests!

Lightweight cotton fabric (quilting weight) - for mask making

Sewing thread - for mask making

Acrylic Art Paints

New Canvases on stretcher frames

Coloring books - for all ages

Small tools - especially for Art & Craft activities

Large pieces of leather (large samples, full-hides, half hides, etc.)

Colored Acrylic sheets & remnants

Silk-Screening Frames, Squeegees & Inks

Art & Back-to-School Supplies - for School-Age Children

Examples of Suitable Materials

SCRAP accepts many materials in good and clean condition, including:

  • Art supplies (markers, paints, brushes, stamps, canvas, papers)

  • Paper and Board (leftover letterhead, trimmed edges, mat board, foam core, fancy boxes)

  • Fabric/Textiles larger than 12 x 12 inches (fabric, millends, samples, leather, vinyl)

  • Sewing notions (buttons, thread, patterns, elastic)

  • Yarn and knitting/crochet accessories

  • Leather

  • Beads, wire and jewelry findings/accessories

  • Natural materials (feathers, pine cones, candles, wax)

  • Signage and promotional items (used banners, foam core, flags, products)

  • Acrylic sheets & remnants

  • Larger frames for Art (larger than 16" X 22")

  • Architectural & interior samples (NO glued or riveted sample books)

  • Teaching materials (No text books – contact

  • Surplus, off-cuts, defects, remnants from manufacturing

  • Laboratory glassware and plastic items

  • Books on How-To-Do Art and Craft (Techniques & Instruction)

  • National Geographic magazines

How to Donate Materials

Donations are presently By Appointment Only. Please email:

No general donations are accepted at present

  1. Check the detailed list of items we accept. Because of space constraints, we cannot always accept all items. SCRAP reserves the right to refuse donations even if they have been approved unseen via the phone or email.

  2. Organize your materials. SCRAP cannot accept dirty or moldy materials. Our staff spends a lot of time sorting – we greatly appreciate labeled and neatly packed boxes.

  3. If you cannot drop off your donation, SCRAP can pick up, on a case-by-case basis, by appointment. Within ten miles of SCRAP, there no charge for this service. However, we appreciate your voluntary donation of $15 for individuals, $50 for businesses. If you are further away, there will be a nominal fee for a pickup, to cover our added costs.

  4. To arrange for a pick-up, please call SCRAP at 415 647-1746 between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM and speak to our staff. And please be sure your donation is easily accessible.

Items that SCRAP can NOT accept but can be taken to Community Thrift Store (mention SCRAP):

  • Clothes, except for theatrical/opera or Halloween costumes

  • Plastic or metal desk organizers

  • Dishes/glasses/kitchenware

  • Luggage

  • Furniture

  • New photo albums (old photo albums with photos are welcome!)

  • Slide projectors or carousels

  • DVDs


  • Toxic/Hazardous Materials

  • Matches, firecrackers, combustibles, or any type of flammable liquids

  • Items/Materials containing lead or mercury

  • Moldy, musty fabric; moldy, mildewy yarn

  • Bedding/sheets

  • Books – except for art and craft-related

  • Magazines – except for National Geographic

  • Holiday/Christmas decorations or cards

  • Clothes hangers

  • Electronics (except for small hand-tools)

  • Appliances

  • Sample books of tile and fabric

  • House paint

  • Jars other than mason jars or medical glass

  • Large pieces of metal or wood, especially wood moulding

  • Large toys

  • Stuffed or soft toys

  • Photo enlargers

  • Sewing Machines

  • Small pieces of fabric (anything under 12″ x 12″)

  • Mylar balloons

SCRAP is currently unable to accept:

  • Binders bigger than 2″ thick

  • Hanging file folders

  • Jigsaw puzzles

  • Smaller Picture frames for photos or art

Please do your best to pre-sort donations. Boxes full of random, tangled up, unsorted material are very labor-intensive to deal with. We simply do not have enough people on staff to handle these donations.

Most of the above items cannot be recycled and cost SCRAP money to dispose of. Please help us by respecting our list – thanks!

If we can’t take your donation we will do our best to refer to you to an organization that can. We suggest checking out for a guide to places that take things SCRAP can not.