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Please visit Green Art Workshop’s pages for information on our upcoming workshops.

All of our workshops emphasize the importance of recycling and the creative reuse of materials. Workshops are designed to inspire participants to create art that reflects a commitment to environmentally sustainable behavior. In each class, participants will have the opportunity to utilize materials from SCRAP’s vast and eclectic inventory of supplies. Workshops are facilitated by our community partner, Green Art Workshop.

Please join for one of our upcoming workshops or complete our PROGRAM REQUEST FORM if you would like to set up a Green Art Workshop class at your site or setup a field trip program  at SCRAP.


Presented by Green Art Workshop

Let There Be Lamps
Saturday, May 14, 1:00-4:00pm
Instructor: Miles Epstein
Adult (Ages 13+) | $36 | Register Today

Search the extensive collection of SCRAP inventory to design your own unique lamp. Or bring a project lamp to revamp and finish it here! We’ll cover basic wiring techniques , new lightbulb options, unusual ways to approach shading, and old lamp evaluation. Come use your hands and make some light.

Electric Art
Saturday, May 28, 1:00-4:00pm
Instructor: Joshua Short
Adult (Ages 13+) | $36 | Register Today

Learn to build an interactive electric sculptures from discarded everyday objects. Participants will be led in the design and fabrication of illuminated art signs. Basic skills in typography and sign fabrication, collage, and electrical wiring will be explored. 

Braided Rugs & Baskets
Saturday, June 11, 10:00-1:00pm
Instructor: Arelene Magarian
Adult (Ages 13+) | $36 | Register Today

Become a maker of braided rugs, seat mats, pet beds, bowls, and more using recycled materials of all kinds. Through demonstration and hands-on making, students will learn the “tricks” to make these durable crafts. Teens and all levels of skill, including repeat students are welcome for this great summer time activity.

Summer Dreamscapes
Saturday, June 25, 10:00-1:00pm
Instructor: Debbie Wu
Adult (Ages 13+) | $36 | Register Today

Picture yourself hitting the open road, jumping in the ocean waves, and camping under the stars. Explore the world of collage to create work that reflects your memories of summer using postcards, maps, and paper ephemera. Demonstrations include using stencils, washes, and best adhesive techniques. Make cards or a framed work ready to hang!

For more information please visit:

Green Art Workshop is a hands-on, eco-conscious program that brings teaching artists into Bay Area classrooms and community centers. In our workshops, participants create imaginative personal and collaborative projects as they re-envision everyday discarded materials. We encourage critical thinking and environmental awareness throughout the creative process.


  1. Posted August 2, 2016 at 4:06 PM | Permalink

    We expect there will be, but they are not scheduled yet. Contact to get on their mailing list.

  2. Rosa
    Posted August 2, 2016 at 7:41 AM | Permalink

    Will there be any Green Art Workshops in fall of this year?
    All the best,

  3. Posted May 26, 2016 at 11:14 PM | Permalink

    Helo Kim,

    This is a very cryptic message. I have forwarded it to our Class organizer.

  4. Kim
    Posted May 26, 2016 at 5:48 PM | Permalink

    Hi There. I am registered for 2 (with Nan) but if a space becomes available, may I get another space please? Thanks, Kim

  5. Posted March 21, 2016 at 7:15 PM | Permalink

    Sorry, but we don’t currently have any classes on this type of sewing. As we have no industrial machines, and are unlikely to get any soon, i don’t believe we will be able to help you with this.

    Sorry, wish we could help.

    But thanks for thinking of SCRAP.

  6. Andrea Lane
    Posted March 19, 2016 at 5:03 PM | Permalink


    I have about 200 lbs. of neoprene that I want to sew. I have designs and ideas. However, neoprene is tough and tricky and I wonder if you have any sewing classes with industrial type machines. I just need a general guidance on how to manage the material while sewing and tips on how to shop for the right machine.

    Just a thought!


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