The SCRAP Team

Terry Kochanski

Executive Director

Felipe Colina

Operations Director

Danielle Grant

Programs Director

William Barros

Depot Manager

Lisa Ryan

Inventory & Merchandise Manager

Tom Steele

Business Manager 

Kayci Monar

Programs Manager 

Sneha Sunder

 Marketing and Development Coordinator

Isa Estrada

Programs Coordinator

Jake Lindsay-Ceniceros

Donations Intake and Creative Reuse Specialist

Terrill Cain

Creative Reuse Specialist

Dalia Gonzalez

Creative Reuse Specialist

Melanie Eng

Creative Reuse Specialist and Operations Coordinator

Robert Haemmerling

Driver & Creative Reuse Specialist

Teresa James

Special Items 

Margarita Lopez

Creative Reuse Specialist

Jay Bohannon

Creative Reuse Specialist

Ava Freeman

Creative Reuse Specialist

Timothy James

Maintenance & Grounds Manager

Thank you to our Volunteers! Foote, Jennifer, Maureen, Veronica, Megan, Raven, Barb, Christine, Amy, Radha, Margie, Jacqueline, Josie and Bussie, Miles, Christina, Kathy,  Janice, Francesca, Martha and many more.

To find out more info about volunteer opportunities click here.


SCRAP has a committed working board that co-leads with staff projects big and small. Click here for information on our board members.

We are currently recruiting new volunteers who may want to get involved with Scrap and work alongside with board members.

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Anne Marie Theilen, Founder

KQED 2011 Women’s History Hero

2011 Jefferson Award for Public Service

Ruth Asawa (1926 – 2013), President Emeritus

Ruth Asawa, a Bay Area artist, was nationally recognized for her wire sculpture, public commissions, and her activism in education and the arts.