SCRAP in a Box works only with the participation of our community through material and fiscal donations. Help SCRAP give our children a voice!


Our art supplies are repurposed from the SCRAP depot where we divert over 220 tons of materials from the waste stream each year.

Nonprofit Partners 

Bret Harte Beacon, Good Samaritan, Latino Taskforce, Boys & Girls Club, Mission Neighborhood Centers, SF Recreation and Parks, YMCA

Public School Sites 

Bret Harte Elementary, Malcolm X Academy, MLK Jr. Middle School, San Francisco Community, Thurgood Marshall High School, Willie Brown Middle School

Growing Impact

We serve hundreds of kids each year with thousands of creative enrichment hours through a social and environmental lens.


Danielle Hoang

Danielle Hoang believes that art dares us to dream and can fuel confidence in self expression. It helps us develop and understand new ideas, and can be an essential ingredient for social change. She studied at San Francisco State University, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, received her Early Childhood Education Certificate from CCSF and in 2008 she earned her BA in Studio Art with an emphasis in both photography and ceramics from California State University Chico. She has taught ceramics and 3D art at local non-profit programs, Mercy High School SF, the Bayview Opera House, YMCA, worked as a Ceramics Lab Technician at the City College of San Francisco and at Ruby’s Clay Studio and continues to teach multiple mediums at Sharon Art Studio, S.C.R.A.P, SF Day School and SFUSD. Outside of the classroom, she continues her ceramics practice, is a metal smith and has a small successful jewelry business. She stays immersed in the art world and values the exploration of new materials, ideas and forms of expression. 

Follow her jewelry/ceramics instagram page at @brokenpebble_studio.

Art Classes and Workshops in San Francisco

Jasmine Zhang

Jasmine Zhang is an interdisciplinary artist based in oakland CA. They are originally from Suzhou, China, moved to the state in 2014. With a background in photography, Jasmine gradually stepped out of this specific medium and calling themselves as “conceptual art dealer” which celebrates and critiques their practice at the same time. They have been showing their work in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Milan, Ningbo, and so on. After realizing the margin of contemporary art, they start to consider teaching as an art form. Jasmine is also an adjunct teacher at CCA. 

Emma Rae Armstrong

Emma Rae Armstrong is a native San Franciscan Costume Designer. Her drive for exploration and attention to detail contributes to her enthusiasm for making the impossible - possible. 

Emma is a CalArts Alum, she graduated in 2022 with a BFA in Experience Design, Production Design with a focus in Costume Design. After graduating she has continued to focus on designing for local Bay Area performers and LGBTQIA+ artists while educating others on sustainable fashion practices. 

She has worked on many films and with various production companies including; Just Like Heaven; AFI 2022, Mirrorball; AFI 2021, Hollywood Fringe Festival 2022, Warner Brothers- USC, Western Costume Company, and more. She continues to find the most creativity working with recycled unconventional materials coming up with out of the box designs.

Art Classes and Workshops in San Francisco
Art Classes and Workshops in San Francisco

Petra Schumann

Petra Schumann has taught art to elementary and middle school students for over a dozen years.  Currently, she is the art instructor at a public elementary school in Pacifica.  Through her carefully designed lessons, Petra’s students experience the joys of creating with a variety of media, from watercolor to ceramics to repurposed materials.  Petra enjoys introducing students to artists from around the world while inspiring them to do their best work.


Petra has been a maker since childhood and currently works primarily in fiber arts.  Born in Germany and raised in New Hampshire, Petra earned her BA from Harvard and an MA from UCLA.

Josie Licavoli

Josie Licavoli, a multimedia artist and educator from the Bay Area, explores diverse cultural identities, drawing from her mixed-race heritage. Inspired by San Francisco, the California coast, and various art forms such as music and literature, her work delves into human experiences, merging personal introspection with collective knowledge. Josie's art bridges private and public realms, inviting viewers to engage with the rich tapestry of Filipino and American culture, fostering connection and dialogue.

Her teaching philosophy is centered in community, experimentation and student led projects. 

Josie received her BA in 2022 in Studio Art (painting) and Art Education from Cal Poly Humboldt. She is also the current Filipinx Teaching Fellow at Root Division. 

Gideon O Egbuchulam

Gideon O Egbuchulam is a visual artist based in California who practices illustration and most recently concluded his apprenticeship under Nickelodeon's VP, Conrad Montgomery. He's worked with the SFMoMA, Youth Art Exchange, and Kala Art Institute as an active educator in the Bay Area. His work often encircles Afrofuturism and his eclectic taste for music. 

Sebastian Petersen

Sebastian Petersen is an illustration graduate of the California College of the Arts, and a practicing fine artist. He has spent several years working in government programs and private sector groups teaching art to a wide range of students and community members. He lives on the coast with his partner, and his puppy, working on illustrations, and beach combing for art projects. 

Maya Djiji

Maya Djiji is a multimedia artist from Los Angeles who has resided in the Bay Area for 6 years and graduated from CCA in 2020. Her practice involves using a very saturated color palette and any material she can get her hands on. She has worked in a multitude of art making studios and worked closely with many Bay Area artists. She has a taught a wide range of classes to groups of all ages and is very passionate about sharing her love and knowledge of art making. 

Joanne Wang

Joanne Wang is an artist and fabricator based in Oakland, CA. Utilizing abstract embroidery, mixed media, and secondhand textiles, her art practice is centered around processes that investigate the invisible themes of labor, time, waste, and gender that are embedded within the fabric of our consumer society. Joanne’s work is an abstract exploration of the connections between forgotten and discarded materials, consumerism, and our beautiful planet Earth.

Joanne has a BA in both Art and Biology from UC Santa Cruz. She currently works as an arts educator and freelance installation artist, creating custom art and decor for businesses and events.

SCRAP is proud to serve the Bayview and the greater San Francisco creative community with arts education for public school children, sustainability-minded programs for corporate teams, and dynamic workshops for our community members. 

For inquiries, email:
Danielle Grant / Programs Director

Kayci Monar / Arts Ed Programs Manager